Finally getting my Fantasy Girl

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So, things have been rough and I wanted to unwind. I’ve been following a particular girl for a long time, and am a huge fan of hers. The day I found out she did house calls, I was so fucking excited. I called her up and arranged a meet up, and she was more than obliged to do so. So, the day comes, and the boobacious Kitana Flores (a.k.a. Jazmyn) is at the door. I have been wanting this girl for so long. She’s so fucking gorgeous, a perfect body, and all amazing natural tits. We head up to the bedroom and she wants to freshen up, so she does, and next thing I see is Kitana in her sexy lingerie. I take my time and play with her breasts and feel her lips. Then it’s just too much, and I put my dick right in her pussy! Wow! I tell you, the minute I stuck my dick in her, I was in heaven! This girl is so tight and warm inside, it’s crazy. I almost came after sticking it in. I would go as far as to say it’s better than my wife’s. So she starts giving me a boobjob and and then we get back to grinding. Oh, it was the best sex I have had in so long! Kitana was great and I can’t wait to have her again.

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Boob Raise

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Peter is Kitana Flores‘ newest salesman. He came highly recommended by one of her closest business associates, but from one month to the next his sales began to plummet almost immediately. She called him into her office to get to the bottom of such a steep decline in sales from what seemed like out of the blue. She knew something must be the matter after his numbers went completely out of whack completely unexpected. He sat in front of her desk and she figured out what the problem was instantaneously. He couldn’t stop staring at her healthy breasts. He was being distracted by her very revealing dresses and the fact she barely ever wore a bra. If Kitana was totally candid, she would admit she hired him because she also thought he was very cute, and although he is married, she knew she could figure something out… Needless to say, with bonuses like this, Peter will get his sales up in no time, as long as he is promised another shot at his big tit boss!

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