Boob Raise

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Peter is Kitana Flores‘ newest salesman. He came highly recommended by one of her closest business associates, but from one month to the next his sales began to plummet almost immediately. She called him into her office to get to the bottom of such a steep decline in sales from what seemed like out of the blue. She knew something must be the matter after his numbers went completely out of whack completely unexpected. He sat in front of her desk and she figured out what the problem was instantaneously. He couldn’t stop staring at her healthy breasts. He was being distracted by her very revealing dresses and the fact she barely ever wore a bra. If Kitana was totally candid, she would admit she hired him because she also thought he was very cute, and although he is married, she knew she could figure something out… Needless to say, with bonuses like this, Peter will get his sales up in no time, as long as he is promised another shot at his big tit boss!

Powerful Busty Women Using Men as their Toys!

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