Finally getting my Fantasy Girl

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So, things have been rough and I wanted to unwind. I’ve been following a particular girl for a long time, and am a huge fan of hers. The day I found out she did house calls, I was so fucking excited. I called her up and arranged a meet up, and she was more than obliged to do so. So, the day comes, and the boobacious Kitana Flores (a.k.a. Jazmyn) is at the door. I have been wanting this girl for so long. She’s so fucking gorgeous, a perfect body, and all amazing natural tits. We head up to the bedroom and she wants to freshen up, so she does, and next thing I see is Kitana in her sexy lingerie. I take my time and play with her breasts and feel her lips. Then it’s just too much, and I put my dick right in her pussy! Wow! I tell you, the minute I stuck my dick in her, I was in heaven! This girl is so tight and warm inside, it’s crazy. I almost came after sticking it in. I would go as far as to say it’s better than my wife’s. So she starts giving me a boobjob and and then we get back to grinding. Oh, it was the best sex I have had in so long! Kitana was great and I can’t wait to have her again.

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